Students of all levels are welcome

A foundation practice for beginners & seasoned yogis alike! Students of all levels and Yoga experience will enjoy the all levels class. Designed to be practiced in the heat, this class guides you through a series of postures that helps build strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and mental focus. Modifications are given throughout the practice allowing everyone to work at his/her own ability and comfort level. All-Levels-Description

Enjoy a blend of styles of Vinyasa

This class is a blend of styles of Vinyasa (linking breath with movement) with an emphasis on one breath and one movement at a time. The Style of class is a reflection of the teacher's training, yoga philosophy and their own personal practice. The class is moderately vigorous, energetic, and fun. Practioners of all levels and ability can enjoy Vinyasa. All Levels Flow

This class is not heated, but it will get hot!

A dynamic and uplifting class, aimed at gaining knowledge of the physical practice as well as the ancient tradition of Yoga and it’s roots. In this class we prepare the body by building internal heat and firing up the core! Sequencing will be a key aspect, taught in Vinyasa style, often including a peak pose which the class is built around. Every pose we explore, from forward bends to backbends, twists to inversions, has a beginner to advanced option (Think of salsa; mild, medium, or hot!) making accessibility and adaptability a key component of the class, as well as a concept we encourage each student to adopt within themselves. Best suited for students with 3+ months experience and (of course!) with exception. If you are curious about this class, just ask the teacher! This class is not heated, but it will get hot! Power Vinyasa

Baptise Inspired Power Vinyasa

Based on Baptiste’s Power Vinyasa style of yoga, this is a challenging, innovative, cardiovascular class through which you are constantly flowing through poses. The sequence is invigorating; stimulating the body and mind at its deepest levels.Power flow

Learn how to exercise the deep connective tissues of your body

This style of yoga focuses on exercising the deep connective tissues of the physical body while also seeking to release blockages in the energetic body. All poses are done on the floor and held for 5-10 minutes each. Breath focus & body awareness are heightened as you work into a meditative state. This is a great compliment to the more vigorous classes. (Conducted in a slightly heated room to maintain comfort.) Yin

Pranayama, yin, gentle vinyasa and guided meditation- this class has it all!

Be prepared for an integration of 2 complimentary forces to cultivate ease in stillness and fluidity in movement. (Conducted in a slightly heated room to maintain comfort.) Yin/Yang

Great for any student level

Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique, in which you learn to relax consciously. The practice induces complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Even though the word nidra means sleep in Sanskrit, to experience true and absolute relaxation one must remain conscious. The state of relaxation is reached by turning inwards, away from outer experiences. When the consciousness can be separated from external awareness and sleep, it becomes very powerful and can be applied in many ways, such as, developing memory, increasing knowledge and creativity, or finding our true nature. Yoga nidra had also been proven to help with hypertension, stress, insomnia, anxiety and headaches, plus a number of other common health issues. Yoga nidra is practised in savasana, as scientific studies have shown that this is the position most conducive to relaxation, since it reduces sensory stimulation to the minimum. During this class we will start with some gentle yoga asana to prepare the body for the yoga nidra session.

For beginners and intermediate students

Perfect for beginners or intermediate students wanting to deepen or revisit their understanding of yoga asana. This class will guide the student through the energetic potential of alignment, and will combine a flow of dynamic sequences and precise form. The practice builds core & upper body strength, leaving you energized and vibrant.Form and Flow

Wise Warriors

This class is designed for practitioners who prefer to practice without the added intensity of the heat. This practice is energetic & offers a full range of poses with a focus on alignment and injury prevention. The class is open to all ages with a focus on practitioners 45 & up.