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30 Reasons Why…

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There’s a reason why it’s called a “30 Day Challenge“…it’s not always easy! It’s not easy to do anything challenging 30 days in a row. I’ll go out on a limb and say that most of us don’t do yoga every single day. Maybe the teachers and hard-core yogis but the “average” person probably does not. Challenges of any kind can be intimidating…even a 30 day challenge to drink chocolate milkshakes every day would be overwhelming.

Doing a 30 day yoga challenge can make your practice more interesting. It can open up a whole new journey, both emotionally and physically. One yoga class can change your world…imagine what a dedication of thirty straight days can do? If any of these makes sense to you then a 30 day challenge is on your horizon…

challenge shanti hot yoga1. You want to challenge YOURSELF.  Remember that this is not a competition against other yogis. The board is on the wall for you to mark YOUR progress…not to be judged or to judge others.

2. You like the feeling of complete relaxation when you leave a good yoga class.

3. You want to meet new people and make new friends…nothing bonds people together faster than when your pools of sweat meet on the floor!

4. You want to really dedicate yourself to rockin’ that new pose you’ve been trying.

5. You want your body to thank you for the mass volumes of water you will have to drink to keep yourself hydrated for that many classes.

6. You like the idea of noticing those new muscles form.

7. You know how great you feel after doing one class and you want to magnify it x 30!

8. You want to get to know all the teachers. With that many classes in a month you are bound to run into most (or all) of them at some point.

9. You are prepared to mix it up and do yoga at home on the days you can’t make it to the studio. A quick Internet search can give you tons of videos to follow along with.

10. You crave the energy your body has the next day.

11. You like the way yoga class inspires you to get your creative juices flowing.  Writing, painting, drawing…all comes easier after a good yoga session.

12. You look forward to hearing what random comments will come out of the teacher’s mouth.

13. You are a raging bull and the calming qualities of yoga appeal to you.

14. You like to sleep. Preferably after you get home, but it’s been known from time to time for certain yogis to take a power nap during Savasana. Yoga will knock you out for a good night sleep.

15. Two words…”After Party”.

16. You suffer from anxiety or depression. It helps…believe me.

17. You are stressed out and need something healthy to take your mind off of it for a solid hour a day with no interruptions.

18. You have kids…enough said.

19. You want to form a new habit (yoga!!). They say it takes 21 days to form a habit…adding an extra nine days can’t hurt right?

20. Did I mention the after party??

21. You are a good planner. Pre-packing yoga clothes and towels is a must! Don’t forget the water bottle too.

22. You like a good posture and relaxed shoulders.

23. You often fantasize about Adam Levine or Miranda Kerr (or both!)…so you will likely never date them but what if the universe aligned just right?  They are both avid yogis, so you’d have at least one thing in common!

24. Two more words…yoga booty.

25. You love all the little life lessons that are passed on during yoga class.

26. You need the extra motivation to drag your butt there on Saturday morning after a night out on the town.

27. You just bought a bunch of new yoga pants that you can’t wait to wear.

28. You want to show your children that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

29. You are training to be a contortionist.

30. You have an overwhelming love for yoga!


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

Written and Contributed by student and friend, Wendy Harding