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Don't lose the roots. | Shanti Hot Yoga, Halifax

Don’t lose the roots.

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We live in a crazy time for Yoga. It’s caught on and spread like wildfire through North America and across the globe. Teacher Trainings can be found by the dozens in most cities, teachers are being trained and turned out by the thousands every year,...

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Yoga for Youth Fundraiser! | Shanti Hot Yoga, Halifax

Yoga for Youth Fundraiser!

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Thank you Shanti Warriors!Thanks to the generosity of all those who attended our Yoga For Youth fundraiser on Saturday, September 21st. Because of your generosity, we were able to raise $5000.00 to put towards our YfY program. This will be a whole lot of yoga...

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Shanti Yoga Bedford!

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Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. ~ Angelique ArnauldI had the pleasure of attending my first yoga class at the new Shanti Hot Yoga studio in Bedford. It was a little strange at first walking into the office-like building....

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Prenatal Yoga

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Pregnancy can sometimes be a devil in an angel's disguise. It's not always comfortable and it's definitely not always roses and butterflies. It can be tiring, and sore, and downright frustrating. There's hormonal changes, physical changes, and even our state of mind can be altered. I'm...

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The Wolf You Feed.

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I jumped way outside of my comfort zone today and attended a Powerflow Workshop at Shanti Hot Yoga.  I am terrified of the word "Power", it seems very intimidating and hard, probably way above my level of yoga skills. I avoid those classes for fear of looking like a wimp. Trying...

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Elixir of Life: H2O.

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WATER: The elixir of life, that which sustains all. The trees that help us breathe, the plants that grow in the yard, but most importantly (at least to us), our bodies, and we need LOTS. It's everywhere, we're mostly made of it, but yet we need...

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