Cacao Ceremony

with stef winters and laura spencer

Laura Spencer and Stefanie Winters will guide you through a gentle heart centered practice while you sip cacao and develop intentions to love and integrate the shadow we all carry within. We are both shadow and light and this is the practice of inviting all aspects of ourselves into wholeness. Join Laura and Stef as we honour how far we've come, and return to balance and presence before continuing onward in the journey through life. Stef & Laura with give hands on assists as you release in restorative poses, and there will be guided meditations and journaling throughout as well.


September 20

SHanti Dartmouth



how and why we use cacao

Autumn is when we prepare for the darkness of winter to come. From this point, days now begin to grow shorter and nights get longer. It’s a time of facing our inner shadow. Raw Cacao is an ancient plant medicine and a powerful heart opener that paves the way for shifts in the way we perceive and love ourselves.

We will tune into gratitude as we prepare for winter, exploring the beautiful journey inward that naturally emerges when we move towards the coldest, darkest time of year.