Shānti Hot Yoga, Dartmouth

Our Dartmouth studio is a community hub where students not only gather to do yoga but they come together to share the peaceful experience the studio offers. The former Dartmouth library was completely renovated in 2010 and not surprisingly you can still feel the calming vibe as you walk through the doors.
The simple settings of the spacious practice rooms with heigh ceilings and low lighting shuts out the outside world, making it the perfect place to explore the boundaries of your body and your mind. Many students come before class begins to embrace the stillness of space. The long hallways are highlighted by colourful artwork from the local community and the beautifully decorated change rooms makes you linger a little longer. On your way out you can stop for a delicious cup of herbal tea and hang out in the open lounge area, read a book, or sit back and listen to music .

"Hey, everyone! We have the storm banner up because of bad weather today. Keep an eye on the Schedule for cancellations if necessary!"

April 3rd - 10th
From April 3rd - 10th you can grab 60 days of Yoga for $60 when you sign up for a Monthly Membership!
  • Membership commitment is minimum 4 months.
  • Everyone qualifies except current members or those who have cancelled a monthly membership within the last 30 days.
  • Must purchase in-studio
*Must show student ID
Introducing the new
1 Month Membership
Unlimited Yoga. No commitment.