How to Salute the Sun – A & B Style!

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How to Salute the Sun Shanti Hot yoga, HalifaxWhen we get to the studio, get on our mats, unwind for the day, and get into a kick-ass asana (practice), we want to learn, but we also want to flow.

We want a class that has nice pace and rhythm to it. Learning something new and moving through class with a teacher who’s got the rhythm is a beautiful thing, and it is often what keeps us coming back to our mat, and we LOVE giving it to you. This rhythmic experience is also what forces teachers to sometimes omit the breakdown

and step by step process that many students need to REALLY get everything out of a pose or transition. These times are often reserved for workshops, but sometimes, especially with the busy schedule of, ummm, what’s that thing called? Oh yea, LIFE! these opportunities can be few and far between for the average student.

We see this, and we want to help. How about short videos that break these things down? How about you can watch them whenever or wherever you want? From your home, your downtime at work, when your travelling…wow, the beauty of the ever present world wide web, eh?

So here is our very first one. Brought to you by yours truly…t-bone to some (cough, Gerard), t-mac to many, and just plain old Taylor to most. I’m going to break down how to Salute the Sun – A & B Style!

p.s. In the future, these video’s will accompany an extra written component as well for an even more depthy dive into whatever it is we’re exploring, but I’ll leave it here for this one, and let you guys dive into this one head first, and with no further ado.