How to Train Your Dragon.

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train-your-yoga-dragonI hate “Dragon” pose.  There, I said it. I never really thought I could loathe anything to do with yoga. It’s all bliss and glory, until I hear that word. Dragon. Yuck. I don’t really understand why? Sure, there are some poses that aren’t my favorite. There’s even a few I would never do again if I had control over the sequences. But I go full “flight or fight” mode when I’m in Dragon…and I fly away as fast as possible! If I could yell in class this would be the moment you’d hear my true thoughts about the dreaded Dragon.

It’s mostly in Yin class that this horrible pose comes up. You think holding a pose for three minutes is hard? Try holding a pose you can’t stand for that long. Seems like I’m there for an hour! It’s all I can do to hold it for 30 seconds, then it’s fidgeting and internal panic for the next 150, longer-than-life, seconds. Why does this stress me out? Why do I hate this so much? How many more seconds? Hurry up!! HURRRRRY UP!!! I can’t concentrate, I can’t get my breathe under control. I can’t think of anything else but letting the pose go and collapsing to the ground. Like I said, I hate it.

It’s been a few days since I’ve done “Dragon”, and while I still hate it, I’ve also had time to calm down my inner rage towards it and I’ve decided to give it a second chance.  There must be a reason why I find it so challenging? There’s no doubt that my hips would benefit from it. I used to be overwhelmed by Pigeon, I’d cry every time I did it, but now it’s one of my favorites. I remember the first time I actually felt like I rocked that pose to my best potential. It was euphoric! So maybe, just maybe, eventually…I will come to like Dragon as well? Dare I say love it? Let’s not jump ahead too far, I’ll settle for just tolerating it.

There’s only one way to move on from my fear of Dragon. The next time I encounter it I plan on embracing it. I’m going to take it in and reap whatever benefits it gives me. I’m going to smother it with hugs and kisses. Kill it with kindness. I’m going to love it, enjoy it, appreciate it. Ladies and gentlemen, one way or another, I’m going to train my dragon…

Contributed and written by Shanti Student and Blog Enthusiast, Wendy Harding