Your First Month at Shanti

Why Yoga?

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it just works

For thousands of years Yoga has stayed alive. Passed down through people and cultures throughout history. It endures and thrives in today’s world because it just works. Making the body more supple and putting the mind at ease are just two ways that Yoga allows us to access the best of ourselves.

Stress is everywhere

From our jobs to our families and relationships, we have countless ways to accumulate stress and not enough avenues to deal with it. Yoga focuses the mind with specific techniques of movement and breath, forcing us to become present in our bodies and minds. Presence of mind helps fight the way that stress impacts us negatively, while teaching us to deal with stress positively.


Explore the spectrum of yoga

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All Levels & Vinyasa

Two of our most popular practices that balance the strengthening and lengthening that your body craves. You can find these classes multiple times per day, every day of the week at all of our locations. All Levels is the perfect place to start your practicing yoga for beginners, while still offering exactly what an experienced yogi needs.


Go deep into your muscles and joints with this relaxing practice. Yin is an amazing practice to compliment an active practice.

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Integration & Intro to Yoga workshop

We offer integration classes that help build your understanding of yoga quickly. Going even deeper, you can participate in our Intro to Yoga workshop, taking the time to break things down and lay a strong foundation for getting the most out of your yoga practice.