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Olivia Verge

Yoga was the vacation I never knew I needed until I took it. By leaving the clutter of thoughts that had collected in my head, yoga taught me to sort through those thoughts and only pay mind to those that were helpful. Yoga has not made anything certain, but has instead helped me find comfort in life’s inevitable uncertainty.

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Sherry Calder

A running injury originally brought me to Shanti Hot Yoga. I quickly realized that yoga wasn’t about becoming more flexible or the perfect pose! When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, time spent on my mat helped build emotional strength and taught me how to cope with life’s challenges. The physical strength became the bonus. The teachers are very supportive and encouraging – and I’ve made some lifelong friendships because of the incredible community at Shanti Hot Yoga.

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Michelle Kempton

I discovered Shanti Hot Yoga during my journey of losing 120lbs. Hot yoga quickly became a treat to myself with the added bonus that it burned calories! Like many women my age, I’m constantly on the go – with very little “ME TIME”. I’m a Mom of 8 year old twins, a wife, a friend, a community volunteer, a public speaker, a running instructor and entrepreneur – I’m on the move about 18 hours a day. It’s amazing how hot yoga rejuvenates me – physically, mentally and spiritually. It also reduces my stress and helps me stretch out my sore muscles after high-mileage runs and is my quiet sanctuary. The first deep exhale I take when I enter the hot yoga studio, immediately releases all the issues of my busy world – it’s simply a magical experience. My husband has now become a hot yoga enthusiast too and I’m very excited for my children to be enrolled in the youth yoga series. Our entire family has found a healthy activity that we enjoy and I couldn’t imagine our life without Shanti Hot Yoga!

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James Laurence

Before I came to the Shanti Hot yoga studio, I was just interested in doing the poses, which in my mind was what yoga was. All the amazing teachers here have shown me that there is so much to yoga, on and off the mat. My life has changed for the better from my daily practice at Shanti. I feel so much more relaxed and refreshed after every class. The sense of community is unlike anything I’ve seen before at the previous studios I’ve been to. I’m now on the path of yoga and with my daily practice and new outlook on life, this all thanks to Shanti. My passion for yoga has grown so much that I see myself doing a yoga teacher training in the next year. Much love and gratitude to the caring and wonderful people at Shanti.
Peace, love and gratitude always.

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Annsonia Baudelot

I struggled through my first hot yoga class in September 2009. I was stopping every two seconds to fix my over sized basketball shorts, to drink water, and most of all to breath. The simple action of inhaling while lifting my right leg over my left and twisting my arms seemed nearly impossible. Over three years later, I continuously find myself face to face with new challenges. Yoga has taught me that my character is defined by the approaches I choose to take. My awareness is heightened by the ache of a chair pose held longer than normal. My mind is brought to a new place with each meditation held for a few blissful minutes. My fingertips are given the vibrations and sensations that are held within my body as I hold them in a mudra. The breath I learned on my mat helps me utilize dormant thoughts, it helps me be a better version of myself and most of all it has taught me that there are no limits when you discover it can be applied off your mat.

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Kevin Dougall

Getting into yoga was the best decision I’ve ever made. It rebuilt the connection between the mind and the breath, and I’m learning to focus energy where i need it. Through practice, I’ve gained strength, self awareness, self confidence, and it has awakened the mind to new possibilities physically, mentally, and spiritually. At the studio, there’s a strong sense of community with other students and teachers, and I’ve met so many inspiring people along the way and learned so much from them. Yoga has had such an impact on my life, I really can’t picture my life without it anymore.

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