Inspiring Stories

from students of shanti

Over the years, we've had the great privilege of seeing students transform their lives. Those transformations have happened in the body as students have developed strength and flexibility, and they have happened in the mind as students have changed the way they see the world and how they interact with it. Here are a few we have been able to witness. 


olivia verge

Yoga was the vacation I never knew I needed until I took it. By leaving the clutter of thoughts that had collected in my head, yoga taught me to sort through those thoughts and only pay mind to those that were helpful. Yoga has not made anything certain, but has instead helped me find comfort in life’s inevitable uncertainty.

Sherry calder

A running injury originally brought me to Shanti Hot Yoga. I quickly realized that yoga wasn’t about becoming more flexible or the perfect pose! When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, time spent on my mat helped build emotional strength and taught me how to cope with life’s challenges. The physical strength became the bonus. The teachers are very supportive and encouraging – and I’ve made some lifelong friendships because of the incredible community at Shanti Hot Yoga.

Sherry Calder

Sherry Calder

Michelle Kempton

Michelle Kempton

michelle kempton

I discovered Shanti Hot Yoga during my journey of losing 120lbs. Hot yoga quickly became a treat to myself with the added bonus that it burned calories! Like many women my age, I’m constantly on the go – with very little “ME TIME”. I’m a Mom of 8 year old twins, a wife, a friend, a community volunteer, a public speaker, a running instructor and entrepreneur – I’m on the move about 18 hours a day. It’s amazing how hot yoga rejuvenates me – physically, mentally and spiritually. It also reduces my stress and helps me stretch out my sore muscles after high-mileage runs and is my quiet sanctuary. The first deep exhale I take when I enter the hot yoga studio, immediately releases all the issues of my busy world – it’s simply a magical experience. My husband has now become a hot yoga enthusiast too and I’m very excited for my children to be enrolled in the youth yoga series. Our entire family has found a healthy activity that we enjoy and I couldn’t imagine our life without Shanti Hot Yoga!