Integration means to make into a whole by bringing all parts together; to unify. In this class, students will maximize strength and flexibility with pranayama ( breathing techniques) and moving meditation to bring about a sense of complete balance in the body. This practice is informed by the great teacher Krishnamacharya of South India who is referred to as the father of modern yoga.

Each week the teacher will focus on a clear intention to create a specific energetic outcome for the student. The student will learn how to acknowledge the qualities of their mind, their breath and their body before the physical practice begins. Every practice will close with a guided Savasana (corpse pose). Different families of poses will be introduced each class so the student can learn the benefits of a full spectrum standing pose series, backbend series, twisting series and forward bends.

This practice is completely focused on the individual. The teacher creates an atmosphere in which each student can find his or her own way to Yoga regardless of their starting point. Whether you have been practicing for several years or you are just beginning your yoga journey this practice focuses on the foundations of yoga practice; the integration of body, breath and mind.