Joy of Movement

with Pat Hipgrave


Chair Yoga is a gentle hatha style yoga practiced either sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support. Generally it is for people who are unable to do traditional yoga due to aging or those who find it hard getting up and down from the floor. We practice traditional yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation while seated. Chair yoga has amazing benefits for students with arthritis, high blood pressure, and anxiety. It also increases strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Come explore your joy of movement!


September 18-october 30

7 week program


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Keep Moving

There is one thing that will challenge all of us throughout our lifetime; the challenge to keep moving. As we get older, there are countless events that can break your habit of regular movement and exercise, such as injuries and health setbacks. Joy of Movement is designed to work with and around your needs and keep you moving freely. Maintaining the range of motion in our muscles and joints as we age is essential to a healthy state of mind, feeling comfortable in our own bodies and ultimately a joyful life experience.