Prana Ease

 with Diane bellefontaine

Prana-Ease is a deeply healing and relaxing experience that focuses on one's life force or life energy known as prana. From the demands of daily life that can lead to not finding time for oneself which can result in unhealthy habits like lack of exercise and improper nutrition, prana becomes imbalanced and can result in dis-ease in the body and mind.




September 14 | October 5

November 16 | december 7



How it Works

In this small group of 4, students are guided through various asanas (mainly while lying on their back or stomach) while the instructor applies hands on adjustments and healing touch to help the student ground and release prana.

september 29

november 30


find balance

Whether you are feeling exhausted or over stimulated from the demands of daily life, a Prana-Ease session will help guide your energy back to a state of balance.