A principle we value very deeply is diversely lived experience, which is why we have a passion for travelling the world, absorbing all of its magic and wonder, and growing as people as a result. We believe in this so much, that when we travel the world, we want to take you with us.

In 2013, Kyla and Taylor started by taking a group of adventure seeking yogis on a trip to Costa Rica for Shanti’s first international retreat. Having had such a profound experience, they returned the following year, as well as adding another worldly adventure to the Peruvian Interior, to the Machu Picchu at the heart of the Andes Mountains. Fusing a passion for yoga’s ability to soothe the soul and heal the body, and travel’s power to diversify our perspective and world view, we strive to step foot into the experience of a new culture each time we host a new retreat.

Upcoming Events

Windhorse Farm - November 23-25, 2018
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African Safari Retreat – March 20-26, 2019
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Belize on the Beach – April 2019
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