Finding Your Savasana

with Lisa Jardine

Learn how to trigger the Relaxation Response, a neurological shift from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system, which brings the body toward a state of rest and healing. Discover how minor adjustments to your Savasana with props can encourage a healthy Psoas expression ~ encouraging the feeling of being grounded, centred, and self reliant.
Learn breathing techniques to activate vagus nerve stimulation and increase Heart Rate Variability (HRV), thereby providing the opportunity to relax or re-energize depending on what is needed to feel “just right”.

October 18

Shanti Dartmouth



the bliss of savasana

Savasana has long and often been a misunderstood pose, not being recognized as the glue, like our breath, that holds our yoga practice together. Savasana is what allows the body to soak up a great yoga practice and let the physical components of yoga absorb into the body, but what it can do for the mind is beyond belief.

Have you ever found yourself feeling more rested after 5 minutes of savasana, laying on the floor, then you have after 8 hours of sleep on an expensive mattress? Experienced the sensation of your body melting into the floor? Or come back to the realization that you are in a room full of people, in a yoga class, and recognized the incredible level of clarity and lightness you had just been experiencing? There are so many ways that savasana can surprise, uplift and invigorate our bodies and minds. Come explore the magic that is savasana.