Should Yoga for Youth get $10,000? Ummm, yes. | Shanti Hot Yoga, Halifax

Should Yoga for Youth get $10,000? Ummm, yes.

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Did you know that yoga can help improve children’s focus, concentraction and memory? Did you know that it can also help improve their eating and sleeping habits? We all understand how life changing it can be for adults, imagine if you had the opportunity to pass that bliss on to the children in your lives and community! Well, now you can!

For the month of March, ADP is holding a “Small Business Grant Contest” with the winner receiving a $10,000 grant which Shanti Hot Yoga plans to use towards our Yoga for Youth program. Winning this grant would allow SHY to give the opportunity of peace and growth to local children through a subsidized program making it accessible for ALL children!

It can be a stressful world out there for youth. There is a steady rise of ADD/ADHD diagnoses, prescriptions for anxiety and stress, cyber-bullying is at an all time high. Our children live in a fast-paced, “get it done yesterday” type of world. To be able to offer a sacred, safe place for children is a blessing we are happy to offer already with our Saturday Yoga for Youth class. Being able to bring this to many more kids will be possible with all your support. Yoga builds self-esteem, calms the mind, and as an added bonus helps keep the body fit. Think back to how your youth might have been different if you’d had that opportunity too!