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Shanti's Origins


We opened our first yoga Studio in Dartmouth in 2010 with the vision of creating a community hub where students could come together to explore Yoga, make new friends and find peace in their hectic day.  Our vision was to make Yoga available to everyone regardless of age or ability, in a safe, compassionate space.  Years later we have grown to 3 vibrant Yoga Studios covering the HRM; a diverse Workshop schedule, a robust Teacher Training, and an International Retreats Program.  Although we have grown, our core values remain the same.

Each Shanti studio has a unique design and a diverse array of classes and programs developed to reflect the unique needs of the student community.

The philosophy of Shanti is informed by the Yoga tradition.  Yoga is not a thousand techniques to be practiced and perfected, it’s not something we do but something we become and are. This philosophy is shared by the experienced teachers who balance the physical and spiritual benefits of the practice in their teachings.

Founded by Uriel MacGillivary the studios are largely operated by her family and extended family:  Co-owner Taylor MacGillivary, General manager Emilie Fabre, managers Kyla MacKinnon and Don MacGillivary, and supported by Holly MacGillivary and Nikki Smith.

Shanti continues to be innovators in our offerings creating programs that are needed in the community, especially Yoga For Youth, created by co-owner Taylor MacGillivary. Working with the board of education,Yoga for Youth brings the teachings of Yoga into Inner City Schools and at risk youth.

The name, Shanti, is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘ peace’- the keystone value on which the owners run the business and live their lives.


Three Locations

One Community 

With studios in Downtown Halifax, Dartmouth & Bedford, there is a lot of space to practice yoga. We take immense pride in providing freedom to our students who practice at Shanti. With one pass, be it a monthly membership, class pass or first month introduction pass, you can take your practice to any location.

The feeling of each studio is something we are passionate about. We've spent countless hours trying to figure out what exactly speaks to who we are, what we do and who we serve. Foraging for local material, using renewable resources and getting our hands dirty in the process is something we stand by. Not only is our sweat on the floor after yoga practice, it's underneath the tile and hardwood from bringing our studios to life.



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Teacher Training

With diverse and passionate teachers that make up the teacher training faculty, we boast over 20 years combined teaching experience and more than 3000 hours of certified study. The teachers that lead our training have studied with some of the world's most prolific teachers from the heart of India, to the yogis who revolutionized Yoga in Europe and North America. 


New to Yoga

We provide a welcoming experience to all our students so don’t be surprised if our teachers remember your name very quickly. When you arrive at the studio your teacher will sign you into class. During this time, you can ask questions regarding the practice or discuss any injuries you may be suffering.

Shortly after registration, you will receive a welcome email followed by a personal phone call, just to check in and see how you are feeling about your practice!



Come Find Your Groove at Shanti

Things to know if you are new to Shanti Hot Yoga Studios

  • Our intro month is offered to any student who is new to the studio. The introductory month costs $49.
  • During your introductory month we recommend attending the all levels classes. There are several all levels classes each day.
  • 130+  heated and reduced heat classes every week across 3 studios.
  • Let your teacher know if you are suffering from an injury so she/he can offer modifications.
  • There are five practice rooms between our three locations with heated & non-heated classes conducted daily. Click Here to view the schedule
  • We recommend that you wear tank top/t-shirt, Capri workout pants/shorts made from breathable material.
  • You will need a mat, towel and water bottle for the practice. We do rent mats & towels at the studio for $2 each and we have reusable water bottles available in case you forget yours.
  • Hydrate your body by drinking 2 litres of water throughout the day, prior to attending class.
  • Avoid eating large meals 2 hours before your practice. Stick with small snacks like a piece of fruit or energy bar.
  • Bring your smile and a willingness to learn and have fun!

If you recently joined the studio or are thinking about trying yoga for the first time - Welcome!

  • Sign-up for our introductory month pass, $49 for 30 days of unlimited yoga
  • Try all levels of classes
  • Access to Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford Studios
  • Try our Yoga Basics class. Offered at each studio once per week

Sun Salutation A & B:

The essential yoga class warm-up


Inspiring Stories

from students of shanti

Over the years, we've had the great privilege of seeing students transform their lives. Those transformations have happened in the body as students have developed strength and flexibility, and they have happened in the mind as students have changed the way they see the world and how they interact with it. Here are a few we have been able to witness. 


olivia verge

Yoga was the vacation I never knew I needed until I took it. By leaving the clutter of thoughts that had collected in my head, yoga taught me to sort through those thoughts and only pay mind to those that were helpful. Yoga has not made anything certain, but has instead helped me find comfort in life’s inevitable uncertainty.

Sherry calder

A running injury originally brought me to Shanti Hot Yoga. I quickly realized that yoga wasn’t about becoming more flexible or the perfect pose! When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, time spent on my mat helped build emotional strength and taught me how to cope with life’s challenges. The physical strength became the bonus. The teachers are very supportive and encouraging – and I’ve made some lifelong friendships because of the incredible community at Shanti Hot Yoga.

Sherry Calder

Sherry Calder

Michelle Kempton

Michelle Kempton

michelle kempton

I discovered Shanti Hot Yoga during my journey of losing 120lbs. Hot yoga quickly became a treat to myself with the added bonus that it burned calories! Like many women my age, I’m constantly on the go – with very little “ME TIME”. I’m a Mom of 8 year old twins, a wife, a friend, a community volunteer, a public speaker, a running instructor and entrepreneur – I’m on the move about 18 hours a day. It’s amazing how hot yoga rejuvenates me – physically, mentally and spiritually. It also reduces my stress and helps me stretch out my sore muscles after high-mileage runs and is my quiet sanctuary. The first deep exhale I take when I enter the hot yoga studio, immediately releases all the issues of my busy world – it’s simply a magical experience. My husband has now become a hot yoga enthusiast too and I’m very excited for my children to be enrolled in the youth yoga series. Our entire family has found a healthy activity that we enjoy and I couldn’t imagine our life without Shanti Hot Yoga!


Start Practicing Yoga

With our Intro Month Pass, all new students can try any class with any teacher. This allows you to find what you connect with at our studios. Each teacher has their own flavour, each class its own style, each studio its own vibe. Come explore your unique path to connecting mind and your body.  

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Become A Member

With the unlimited monthly membership, you can rest easy knowing that your yoga practice is consistently unhindered. Practice where you want, when you want and never worry about bringing a wallet to yoga practice. With easy auto-pay, you're always taken care of. 


Embark on Your Adventure

Every year we find beautiful destinations to satisfy your sense of adventure, exploration and passion. From the south of India to the Incan ruins of Peru and from the Costa Rican coastline to the Balinese rainforest, we've got your wanderlust covered. 


Workshops & Events

There are a thousand ways to get more from your Yoga practice than coming to classes. Our workshops and programs are a way for our students to work on certain elements of Yoga in curious and open environment. Check out what's happening and see if we can help your build on your practice.


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