Yoga for Youth

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Our aim is to raise funds so that we can implement sustainable yoga programs in elementary and junior high schools in HRM. Creating a foundation for healthy/active lifestyle, as well as sowing the seeds of kindness and compassion through the values of yoga philosophy.

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We are proud to announce our Journey towards becoming a Halifax chapter of the registered Non-Profit Organization, Yoga for Youth! When we practice yoga, we must always be concerned with making the daily steps it takes to creating a healthier and happier body and mind. We adopt this same principle in our approach to building a strong vehicle in which to provide youth with yoga in our community.

We have a goal of bringing yoga to the youth community, with eyes on local schools and community centers as places to foster our idea that peace begins with the children, and can be achieved through a strong practice and understanding of yoga. Yoga for Youth shares a strong, concise and powerful motto: “Our primary purpose is to bring Yoga to Youth”.
We are extremely proud of the initiatives we have begun already, such as a weekly Yoga for Youth program at SHY, Karma Classes dedicated to the cause, as well as 30 Day Challenge fundraising efforts in support of YfY.

As we move forward on this path, we will be supporting new initiatives and fundraisers to help further our cause, with the goal of furthering the local and national movement of providing Yoga to Youth.

A little more about the the Non-Profit Organization, Yoga for Youth:

Vinyasa Yoga For Youth empowers youth aged 5-22 through the practice of Yoga. Our primary focus is on the unique challenges facing “at risk youth”. Yoga helps discipline the body and mind and leads youth towards healthier life choices, an enhanced capacity for love and compassion, and ultimately a more meaningful life experience. The program supplements curriculum in primary and secondary schools in both urban and rural contexts by (a) providing in-school workshops, (b) supporting after-school programs and youth groups, and (c) holding weekend and summer retreats. We believe in the power of yoga and that peace begins with the children.