Shanti Yoga Teacher Training Program

Our unique experiential learning approach provides you with all the tools to teach Yoga and engage in a meaningful discovery of your true self.

Our Teacher Training program is a 200 Hour training representing a combination of intensive study along with a distance-learning component. The instruction is for traditional Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga and meets the Yoga School Certification Standards of Yoga Alliance. The course time is 200 hours made up of 180 contact hours and 20 hours of distance study. Our faculty and supporting teachers have a combined 10,500 hours of training experience with an eclectic background of the study.

We have come together to deliver a rigorous, exciting program that will prepare you with the tools to deepen your knowledge of this ancient practice, whether your desire is to teach or delve further into your personal journey.

Many students who decide to take a Teacher Training program find the experience transformative and life changing. Our goal is to provide a thorough approach to the exploration of yoga study with a supporting network and a space that encourages learning.

Our 2018 program consists of one 18 days intensive module and a distance – learning component. During the intensive study, you will be totally immersed in active learning with your peers and trainers. This can be incredibly rewarding and intense at the same time. To complete the course and qualify to register with Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification, you must attend all aspects of the course requirements, along with personal development such as reading, assignments, and practice teaching requirements.

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January 20th – February 6th


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