Yoga for Youth

Creating a fun and interactive space for children


This one hour Vinyasa ( linking breath with movement ) is alive with interaction, fun, breathing exercises and relaxation. Children who practice Yoga become empowered with confidence, self esteem, inner- strength and a feeling of well being. This class is suited for children ages 7-10.


Begins September 18th

7 Weeks | Wednesdays | 5-6pm



Move, breath & be still

Kids love to move. They’ve go more energy than they know what to do with, and yoga allows them, like many sports, to direct that energy in a positive way. But yoga takes things a a step further, not only by putting emphasis on breathing deeply, but how the breath allows us to manage our state of mind. We can use our breath to gain perspective on how things make us feel, creating an essential gap between action and reaction…which we call mindfulness.

Instilling a sense of mindfulness in children allows for positive growth, flourishing friendship and community awareness, as well as kindness, empathy and patience.