Our Story

 We opened our first yoga Studio in Dartmouth in 2010 with the vision of creating a community hub where students could come together to explore Yoga, make new friends and find peace in their hectic day.  Our vision was to make Yoga available to everyone regardless of age or ability, in a safe, compassionate space.  Years later we have grown to 3 vibrant Yoga Studios covering the HRM; a diverse Workshop schedule, a robust Teacher Training, and an International Retreats Program.  Although we have grown, our core values remain the same.

Each Shanti studio has a unique design and a diverse array of classes and programs developed to reflect the unique needs of the student community.

The philosophy of Shanti is informed by the Yoga tradition.  Yoga is not a thousand techniques to be practiced and perfected, it’s not something we do but something we become and are. This philosophy is shared by the experienced teachers who balance the physical and spiritual benefits of the practice in their teachings.

Founded by Uriel MacGillivary the studios are largely operated by her family and extended family: General manager Emilie Fabre, managers Kyla MacKinnon and Don MacGillivary, and supported by Nikki Smith.

Shanti continues to be innovators in our offerings creating programs that are needed in the community, especially Yoga For Youth, created by co-owner Taylor MacGillivary. Working with the board of education,Yoga for Youth brings the teachings of Yoga into Inner City Schools and at risk youth.

The name, Shanti, is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘ peace’- the keystone value on which the owners run the business and live their lives.

shantiyoga LOGO 2018.png