Yin & Reiki

Combining two powerful practices

This class combines the powerful practice of Yin Yoga with the ancient healing modality of Reiki. Reiki is a “ laying on of hands touch healing system”. The act of laying hands on a human body or an animal for healing is as old as instinct. The living human body radiates warmth and energy. This energy is life force itself. The Reiki healer is connected to the universal life force energy and becomes a channel for healing energy to flow to where it is needed.

Yin and Reiki are so powerful because in a long-held yin pose the student is already stimulating Chi (energy) through the meridian lines in the body. When the Reiki practitioners hands are rested on the student with the intent to heal, the students’ energy resonates up to match the higher vibration frequency of the practitioner. It’s in this place where the two meet, that the student experiences balance and healing.

Uriel applies the Usui tradition of Reiki with the healing modalities of Quantum Touch and yin yoga to create an embodied experience that assists healing and balance in the body. She is a master Reiki practitioner and a student of the Quantum-Touch healing system.